The court has scheduled another hearing at 9:30 a.m. Washington time on Sunday to rule on whether to issue a preliminary injunction to block the government from implementing the ban midnight Sunday.

Oracle said Monday that, "Americans will be the majority and ByteDance will have no ownership in TikTok Global."The court has scheduled another hearing at 9:30 a.m. Washington time on Sunday to rule on whether to issue a preliminary injunction to block the government from implementing the ban midnight Sunday.

TikTok filed a request for a preliminary injunction to a Washington district court on Wednesday, arguing the administration's ban on U.S. users from downloading the app, which is set to take effect Sunday, "dramatically exceed" the Department of Commerce and U.S. President Donald Trump's power under the U.S. law.

Ask About the Waitlist Timeline

Ask About the Waitlist Timeline

A federal judge in Washington asked the Trump administration on Thursday to consider postponing the ban so the court would have more time to be briefed and decide the case. The U.S. government had till 2:30 p.m. Friday to notify the court whether it will postpone the deadline or file a motion of opposition to a preliminary injunction TikTok requested, Judge Carl J. Nichols said.

PALO ALTO, U.S. -- The U.S. government will not delay a ban on TikTok downloads set to take effect this Sunday, the Justice Department said in a court filing Friday.

Meanwhile, ByteDance said Thursday that it had submitted its proposal for the partnership with Oracle and Walmart to the Chinese commerce authority for approval. China recently tightened its export restrictions on technologies such as content-recommendation algorithms, making it more difficult for ByteDance to sell its U.S. operation.

Being on a waitlist can make you feel stuck, but the best way forward is to continue planning and stay as informed as possible, so you can start your fall semester on sure footing. Ask questions, consider your options and plan for contingencies. Ultimately, if you don’t get an offer off the waitlist, “The key is not to see this as a failure but as a different choice,” says Box. “The right door will open at the right time.”  

The Justice Department filed a sealed objection to the preliminary injunction request Friday morning, indicating the Sunday ban on TikTok remains in place. © ReutersYIFAN YU, Nikkei staff writerSeptember 26, 2020 04:18 JST

Most schools clearly identify these dates online or in a calendar that accompanies your enrollment materials, but it’s always a good idea to confirm deadlines with an admissions representative. Box encourages students to be assertive about asking, politely, for the information they need. “Truthfully, students change their minds at the last minute all the time. Colleges are accustomed to this situation and have protocols in place.”

Figure Out Your Finances


Figure Out Your Finances

  The role of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the fight against new coronary pneumonia (NCP) has attracted much attention. In the new coronary pneumonia patient treatment, the traditional Chinese Medicine Curative Effect After all how? Does the average person need to take a preventative medicine? CCTV news exclusive link is in Wuhan War "epidemic" Front Central Steering Group Expert Group member, Chinese Academy of Engineering Academician, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine President Zhang Boli to provide authoritative answers. On January 27, Zhang Boli, who is over 70 years old, went to Wuhan to take part in the treatment of new coronary pneumonia. On February 12, Zhang Boli led a team of 209 Chinese Medicine Practitioners to Jiangxia District's shelter hospital. The Jiangxia District Shelter Hospital is a Chinese medical shelter hospital, which is different from other shelter hospitals in the following aspects: All of the hospital's medical staff are from the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, the University of Traditional Chinese medicine, and 209 doctors from Tianjin, Jiangsu, Henan, Hunan, and Shaanxi are stationed at the Jiangxia District shelter hospital. In addition to taking traditional Chinese medicine, patients will practice Tai Chi and Baduanjin every day, and will also join acupuncture and other traditional Chinese medicine medical programs. Such a treatment arrangement is not only conducive to rehabilitation, but also can help patients ease the pressure, pleasure spirit. We treated more than 380 patients in the first group, and none of them has turned into a serious illness. At present, nearly 100 patients with a negative nucleic acid virus, a few patients twice negative, patients will be out of the cabin, the overall effect is good. In the past, the role of traditional Chinese medicine was to advise participants in consultations. But in the treatment of this epidemic, Chinese medicine in the form of a system to establish fixed-point hospital, from top to bottom with autonomy. In this battle to treat new pneumonia, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine have become the main force fighting side by side. Especially for mild cases, through the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine can be cured, I am confident of this point. But in the treatment of severe disease, Western medicine is still the main force, Chinese medicine is a supplementary role. Chinese medicine and Western medicine are two systems of medicine commonly used by Chinese people. Each has its own advantages. Zhang Boli: If the patient is suspected or has mild illness, the medicine should be used as soon as possible. Wait until you get to a point where you might miss the best time for treatment. The same is true for the common cold. The sooner you take the medicine, the better. Zhang Boli Chinese medicine is very particular about time, place and person. The cause of the outbreak is the same, so the causative factors are the same, and the clinical manifestations are roughly the same, so it can be treated with the same standard prescription. But each region has different climatic and geographical features, and each person's individual characteristics are different, so appropriate adjustments should be made so as to be more conducive to treatment. At present, most people are more concerned about how to prevent new pneumonia. We also see that not only patients, but also medical staff in the front line will take Chinese medicine for prevention, so are we regular people allowed to drink it? Is that really necessary? The main function of traditional Chinese medicine is to regulate the immune function and the vital energy of human body. If you are in good health, there is no need to drink traditional Chinese medicine. Getting enough sleep, maintaining a healthy mind, washing your hands and going out less can also boost your immune system. Some of the medical staff are taking our specially formulated prescription, which is mainly used for anti-fatigue. The medical staff worked very hard on the front lines, sometimes for six to eight hours without food or water or access to the toilet. Drinking some special formula of Chinese medicine can improve their anti-fatigue ability, can better fight in the front line. On the evening of February 24, at a press conference of the china-world Health Organization joint team of experts on new pneumonia in Beijing, bruce Aylward, a senior adviser to the WHO's director general, spoke out to the people of Wuhan as he reported the results of visits to Wuhan, Hubei Province, and other Chinese provinces and cities in the past few days. Bruce Aylward may not have thought that his words could trigger such a powerful response so quickly: while netizens around the world have been moved by the outbreak, there is also a deeper understanding of China's efforts to fight the epidemic. "I have been one of those people who, in the course of the world's response and preparedness for an epidemic, have had a bias toward ambiguity about non-drug interventions, " says the resume on the WHO website, dr. Aylward is a Canadian physician trained in epidemiology. Since joining who in 1992, he has worked on infectious disease control in the Middle East, the Western Pacific, Europe and North Africa. From September 2014 to July 2016, Aylward served as Ebola's special representative to the Director General of response, Guiding World Health Organization to organize more than 2,000 people to respond to the outbreak in west Africa, it also provided strategic and technical guidance to the Ebola emergency response mission. "China's approach is that since there is no medicine and no vaccine, we will use whatever we have, adjust how we can, adapt how we can, and save lives how we can save them, " he concluded. The data also show that China's strategy has changed the curve of the rapid rise in newly diagnosed cases. Aylward said there had been an 80 percent drop in the number of newly reported cases in China each day during the two week joint mission. According to the National Health Commission in official website, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 508 newly confirmed cases between 0 and 2400 hours on February 24, and 2,589 newly cured and discharged cases on the same day. "When this epidemic is over, I hope to have the opportunity to thank the people of Wuhan once again on behalf of the world. I know that the Chinese people have given a lot in the course of this epidemic, " Aylward said, also touched the scene of the translation of Miss "tears point. ". On the same day, World Health Organization Director General Tan Desai and World Health Organization chief scientist Sumiya Swaminathan Co signed an article in the Lancet, an authoritative medical journal, on the scientific community's efforts to deal with the new coronavirus, and praised China. The article said that the unremitting efforts made by the relevant Chinese authorities in the process of responding to and preventing and controlling the new coronavirus epidemic in China have not only bought valuable time for other countries in the prevention and control of the epidemic, it also paves the way for the international scientific community to work together to tackle the epidemic. WHO officials were quoted on NPR's website on the 24th as saying that even a one-month to six-week delay in the spread of the new pneumonia would bring huge benefits, because the flu season in Europe will be over by then, freeing up a lot of medical resources. Before Aylward expressed his gratitude to the people of Wuhan, UN Secretary General Gutterres also expressed his gratitude to China at a press conference at the headquarters of the World Health Organization on the afternoon of the 24th Geneva time. China News Service, Beijing, February 25(reporter, Zhao Jianhua) the Ministry of Finance of China announced on the 25th that as of February 24,2020, the total amount of financial resources at all levels had reached 100.87 billion yuan, to be used as a whole for epidemic prevention and control, and to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control. Harvard continued to strengthen the funds guarantee for epidemic prevention and control. Financial departments at all levels will make overall plans for the allocation of funds, give priority to ensuring and allocating funds for epidemic prevention and control, earnestly guarantee the expenditure needs for epidemic prevention and control at the grass-roots level, and ensure that the public will not be afraid to seek medical treatment because they are worried about the cost, to ensure that financial problems do not affect the medical treatment and epidemic prevention and control.

  Beijing News Express, according to information on the Beijing Traffic Wechat public account, in the light of the current situation of epidemic prevention and control and the situation of enterprises returning to work and production, with the approval of the municipal government, it has decided to continue to extend the service life of some of the minibus indicators, the notice is as follows: the end date of the validity period of the indicators for minibuses shall be January 24,2020, and 60 days after the response date of the municipal public health emergency is lifted, you may complete the vehicle registration within 120 days after the date of termination. The current epidemic situation is still severe and complex, prevention and control is in the most difficult critical phase. To win this resistance war, we must rely not only on the medical personnel, who are the backbone, but also on Party organizations, party members and cadres at all levels. Whether cadres get through the tough times depends on whether they are reliable or unreliable. Combing through the full texts of two recently released speeches by Mr. Xi on the prevention and control of epidemics, the team found that some cadres'performance did not stand the test and even performed poorly. Some people say that the epidemic is a mirror, is a ghost can see clearly. The epidemic situation is also a magnifying glass, usually love to shout slogans, love to go through the motions, all revealed, in the time of the epidemic, those cadres who do not act, not responsible for the lives of the people and property caused greater harm. Some dare not assume responsibility, do not want to be responsible, timid, what all wait above deployment, do not push to do not move. A patient with cerebral palsy in Hong'an County, Hubei, died while his family was being quarantined. According to the investigation team, although daily care was provided during the period of isolation, the cadres concerned failed to exercise due diligence and diligence. We can not afford to lose a young life by inaction. It is the requirement of the Central Committee and the military decree that every party member and cadre must make. People are looking forward to seeing more cadres who have the courage to take responsibility for their own affairs. Some are sluggish, procrastinating, confused, and have no idea what to do. Gold and silver cups are inferior to the reputation of the common people. During the spread of the epidemic to the whole country, why would netizens in some places make the sound of "lending the cadres of so-and-so places to us" ? It is some leading cadres put the original intention in action, the mission on the shoulders, when the decision-making, according to the situation. And some cadres do not go deep into the first line of epidemic prevention and control. They do not know the basic situation of epidemic prevention and control. Those who delay are precious fighters, "For those cadres who do not work hard and do not go deep, for those cadres who do not work hard and can not do well, they should be held accountable in a timely manner, and those with serious problems should be removed from their posts on the spot, " Mr. Xi said, we still engage in formalism and bureaucratism when we are not careful in our work and when we are not careful in our work. It can be said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the cadres at the grass-roots level, especially those in the areas where the epidemic has been serious, have been fighting continuously and working very hard. However, the repeated assignment of tasks to the grass-roots level by multiple leaders and the need for forms of formalism has always involved a great deal of energy at the grass-roots level, mr. Xi hit the nail on the head with his criticism: "The contents of these forms are pretty much the same, but there isn't a single document or department to help a town solve the problem of a badly needed mask or bottle of disinfectant. " Work is now resuming around the country, whether the situation of a dozen tables and a dozen chapters can disappear is also a measure and measure to test the ruling level of leading cadres in various places. & Some of them try to dodge, dodge, or even run away from a fight. From the smoke of blood and fire to SARS and the Wenchuan County earthquake, at every critical moment and crisis, there are always communists shouting "follow me! " This epidemic, countless medical staff, leading cadres, soldiers, volunteers and others are practicing this sentence with their actual actions and even their lives, but there are also some amazing "retrograde" people, a Hunan CDC cadre even took his family to hide abroad, when the critical moment "desertion" , he will not only face the party discipline and the law of the country severely punished, will be the world. China seismic network official determination: 0225 at 19:14 in Yilan County, Taiwan (24.42 degrees north latitude, 121.45 degrees east longitude) occurred 4.9 earthquake, focal depth 15 km.

The app, and its China-based owner ByteDance, had previously filed a complaint asking the court to overturn the Trump executive order issued in August.

Learn Deadlines Where You’ve Enrolled

Oracle said Monday that, "Americans will be the majority and ByteDance will have no ownership in TikTok Global."

Lisa Solovay, a partner and college adviser at Ascent College Advising and a former adviser in South Florida’s Broward County Public Schools, notes, “For the most part, schools cannot or will not let waitlist students hang past May 31.” However, there are exceptions. As schools assess their institutional needs for the upcoming year, some may make offers to waitlisted applicants well into June and, in rare cases, as late as July and August.

Oracle said Monday that, "Americans will be the majority and ByteDance will have no ownership in TikTok Global."

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, party representatives, deputies to the people's congresses and members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) at all levels throughout the city have thoroughly implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speeches, instructions and instructions on the prevention and control of the epidemic, and have been mindful of the general situation and the overall situation, in response to the call of the Party and the call of the people, regardless of post or sector, they actively performed their duties and took the initiative to do so. They contributed the wisdom and sweat of the deputies on the front line of the "epidemic" of the war, and demonstrated the responsibility and style of the deputies in all walks of life, it has played the role of a bridge between the people, serving the people and taking root in the people. Here, I would like to extend my sincere greetings and high respect to all of you! At present, the city's epidemic prevention and control situation has some positive changes, but is still in a stalemate against the state. At this moment, the city at all levels of party representatives, deputies to the National People's Congress, CPPCC members or in the fight against the epidemic front, and the reverse, and the virus for life-and-death struggle; or in the community (village) to defend the line, seal the guard, patrol the platoon, help the poor; Or running around, leverage resources, dedication to love, to provide backup; or in-depth people to absorb public opinion, guide the solution, fill gaps, offer suggestions; or based on their posts, dedicated to their duties, quietly contribute, set a standard. If you are single, you are easily broken; if you are many, you are hard to destroy. In the most trying critical moment, the representatives of the committee members and the general public together to fight together, the transfer of Wuhan will win the firm confidence, the unity of the fight against the pandemic power. Those who share one purpose win, those who share one purpose win. The Clarion call has been sounded for an all-out general offensive against the epidemic in Wuhan. Victory in Wuhan Means Victory in Hubei, victory in Hubei means victory in the whole country. Party representatives, deputies to the People's Congress and members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) at all levels in the city are an important force in the decisive battle. We hope that you will stand shoulder to shoulder with the people and be considerate, collect and reflect public opinions through various channels, and promote the democratization and scientific decision-making of epidemic prevention and control. The party's heart is the flag and the People's heart is the ruler. We hope that you will play a more resolute role in democratic supervision, speak out frankly and offer good advice, and urge Party committees and governments at all levels to tighten their responsibilities, strengthen measures and improve their work. We hope that you will give full play to your resources and mobilize all parties, all sectors and the whole society to join hands in the prevention and control of the epidemic. We hope that you will be more resolute in overcoming difficulties on the battlefields of prevention and control, and will demonstrate to the general public the need to maintain the normal operation of the city and maintain social harmony and stability, said Remember the Titans. Spring has come and flowers are about to bloom. We firmly believe that we have the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, the careful guidance of the central guidance team, the overall planning and command of provincial Party committees and provincial governments, the strong support of the whole nation, and the concerted efforts of the entire city people, with the concerted efforts of party representatives, deputies to the National People's Congress and members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference at all levels, we will be able to win the prevention and control of this epidemic and win the overall victory of the Battle of Wuhan. According to the relevant provisions of the 2020 national work model and advanced worker selection and recognition notice issued by the Hubei Federation of Trade Unions, wuhan will nominate 13 people, including Zhang Dingyu, "the most beautiful retrograde person" , as candidates for the National Model Worker (advanced worker) position in 2020. The comrade was born in the DASHAN ethnic minority family in Guizhou. This young migrant worker from the Dashan mountains in Guizhou followed the steps of the bridge construction of the second navigation bureau, through the construction of world-class bridges such as Jiangyin Suspension Bridge, Wuhan Junshan Yangtze River Bridge, Baling River Bridge, New Yangtze River Highway Bridge in Jiujiang, Dunkou Yangtze River Highway Bridge, fuzhou-xiamen railway cross-sea bridge and so on, relying on the spirit of hard study, sELF-TAUGHT, step by step from an ordinary migrant workers to the second aviation bureau set electrical, lifting, command and dispatch skills in one operational talent. He is good at solving all kinds of difficult problems in his work, such as the invention of folding the pier body and reusing the inner bracket, saving the cost by nearly 5 million yuan. As a member of the Communist Party, he always leads by example. After becoming a delegate to the thirteen th Hubei Provincial People's Congress, he actively advised and contributed to the group of migrant workers in enterprises to convey their voices and opinions. In particular, in this epidemic prevention and interdiction war, he promptly responded to the epidemic prevention call of the State and the Second Aviation Administration, and immediately urged the implementation of this epidemic prevention propaganda and implementation, he daily to each shelf team personnel and coordination team leader call health, told them to wear a mask to go out, actively cooperate with the local epidemic prevention staff. In view of the epidemic prevention work that the project department resumed work after the festival, he also promptly held a video conference through the mobile phone wechat and the staff of the cooperation team and the rack team to convey the relevant epidemic prevention work arrangements. He has been engaged in power grid engineering design and planning for 15 years. In such major projects as the east expansion of the 4 # , 5 # substations and the 46 billion Yuan Jingdong power supply project, which are powered by Huawei in Wuhan, she accomplished the design task superconventionally and efficiently, refreshing the "Wuhan power supply speed" for the power supply of enterprises. In the process of Wuhan municipal government starting to build the National Central City Power Grid, she as the project director of the Design Institute, to promote the country's first power grid co-construction "Wuhan Model" smoothly. In the course of holding the Seventh Military World Games in Wuhan, she and her team overcame difficulties such as the relatively weak regional power grid foundation of the competition venues and insufficient preparation time, the design task of 56 power supply projects was completed in half a year. Especially in the epidemic prevention and interdiction war, the fire God mountain, the Thunder God Mountain Hospital as the epidemic prevention and control interdiction war important battlefield, timely and reliable power supply is particularly important. In order to ensure the power supply, after receiving the emergency order, she and her team spent the night looking at the scene, working out the plan and doing the design. After an all-night hard work, she finished all the design drawings in the afternoon of the next day, with the "Wuhan Speed" to ensure a reliable supply of power to the Raytheon Mountain Hospital, for the successful completion of the government's "on-time operation of the order" to lay a solid foundation. The comrade has long been engaged in medical front-line work, has gone to Algeria, Pakistan and other countries to carry out international medical assistance, led the Hubei Province third medical team to Wenchuan County earthquake relief. As a party member, Zhang Dingyu was determined to limp his way through every corner of Wuhan's Golden Pool Hospital, leading the staff, whether it was when bird flu swept in, when swine flu broke out, or when the epidemic was raging, stand at the forefront of the epidemic, as the charge in front of the "retrogressor" , rally the people together, go all out, overcome the difficulties of a strong positive energy.