Job prospects: Community organizations, government or privately owned leisure, parks and recreation programs, health and fitness industry

  On February 14, the Long March 3B, which carried out this year's first Beidou satellite launch, arrived at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center on schedule, and together with the Beidou satellite, which arrived earlier, is carrying out various tests at the launch site. On February 15, the operational control line of the Beidou navigation system reported that the 41st, 49th, 50th and 51st satellites had completed in-orbit tests and were officially connected to the network, we will continue to improve our service capacity for stable operation of the Beidou navigation system. It is understood that since the beginning of February, nearly 200 scientists from the Beidou satellite system and rocket system test team have been stationed at the launch site, and other types of satellites and rockets have also been on-site tested during the same period. During the critical period of the epidemic prevention and control of NCP, the satellite and rocket test teams strictly implemented the prevention and control measures, adhered to the zero-reporting system, and carried out dynamic management according to the epidemic situation. The satellite system also deployed nearly 10 professionals from Beijing's "great rear area" to remotely interpret data for the forward test team to ensure the smooth deployment of the mission. According to the Beidou global networking plan, China will organize the last two beidou-3 satellite launches in March and May this year, ultimately realizing the "global dream" pursued by generations of Beidou people. At present, the whole line of the project is being prepared for war in a state of readiness to ensure the smooth and timely implementation of the mission. It was from Chi Li's novels that I first came to know Wuhan, full of firework and human feeling. Having been to Wuhan, I can understand how she could write a noisy marketplace, the layout of three towns, the flowing of the Yangtze River, and the history of the thoroughfare of nine provinces. Right now, there's a lot of fireworks going off in the shelter. The Wembley Arena has 800 beds, and fireworks are filling every corner of the shelter. The new pneumonia sufferers here have gone from fear and anxiety to being able to sing, dance and soak their feet in conversation. In the activity area, no matter what song is playing on the TV, the three men can move with the rhythm. If they can't keep up with the rhythm, they can quickly twist their upper bodies. Next to the uncle can not help soaking feet, feet splash basin of water. We enjoyed the music together and didn't feel uncomfortable dancing in different ways. The shelter is not an island. People are spending time on their mobile phones. Some patients turn their phone screens outward to show their families their living environment; others broadcast live updates to a small number of fans on a live streaming platform; others lie down and watch short videos, the Stranger at the other end of the screen was also wearing a mask. A patient, a senior in high school who was about to take the national college entrance examination this year, had a handwritten schedule taped to his wall and a bedside table stuffed with books. Her parents were also diagnosed after they were admitted to another shelter hospital because the Wembley Arena beds close to home were full. When a patient in Hongshan District's shelter was released from the hospital and a bed was vacated, the girl was diagnosed and checked in by herself, arranged by the community. In the phone to listen to the daughter said that the side of the aunt and uncle are very concerned, the girl's parents feel relieved. Zhang Ming and Liu Mei, who had recovered, could only be discharged the next day after failing to catch up with the discharge vehicle. Just returned to the shelter hospital, the patients will be concerned about: "You are not discharged today, how come back? " Still immersed in the loss of Liu Mei immediately joked, "do not want you AH, wait for tomorrow and you together discharged Ha. ". As the "team leader" of the small division in the hospital, every night at 7:30, Zhang Ming took more than 20 patients to the activity area to do lung exercise. During the day the patients are still discussing, Zhang Ming discharged from the hospital in the evening who will arrange activities. Zhou's husband was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia in early February, and she was admitted to the Wembley Arena shortly after as a suspected patient. Because the symptom is lighter, Zhou Li took up the job of "group leader" , responsible for 14 patients in the adjacent ward to distribute Three Meals a Day, collect daily necessities. One day at noon, a group of new patients arrived at the shelter hospital. Zhou Li had not enough food. Zhou Li gave her food to the older patients in her group to eat first. She ate her lunch at 1:30 p.m. "It's not much, but I want to do my part to help you get out of the cabin as soon as possible, " Zhou said. In addition to taking care of her patients, Zhou has been updating her "diary of the shelter" on Weibo to record her husband and wife's journey through the "war epidemic" . On February 21, after two negative nucleic acid tests, Zhou finally met the exit criteria. She posted a photo of herself with doctors and fellow patients on Weibo: "thank you for all the flowers that will bloom in the spring. " After leaving the hospital, she will remain isolated at home, waiting patiently with her 14-year-old son for her husband's recovery. In the activity area, a wish wall covered with colorful sticky notes: "Hot dry noodles to refuel, noodles to refuel, soy milk to refuel, " "the more the plague forward, doctors and patients shoulder pneumonia, " "difficult years, we walk together" ... patients here for a short stay, emotions speed up the connection. With the development of the epidemic situation, the construction of shelter hospitals in all parts of Wuhan has been put in succession, which are used to treat new patients with mild pneumonia. As of February 21,13 cabins had been opened, 13,348 beds were available for medical treatment, and 72 medical teams had been stationed in Wuhan to assist patients. In the future, Wuhan is expected to build 19 more shelter hospitals, while ensuring that each shelter hospital has full CT coverage. Designed specifically for the Shelter Hospital, the "shelter CT" can greatly improve detection speed, an average of more than two minutes to scan a patient, contactless operation can also reduce the risk of infection of health care workers. On the afternoon of February 23, academician Zhong Nanshan, together with the Guangdong medical team supporting Jingzhou, and the new Jingzhou Pneumonia Center, discussed the "battle method" for the first time in the form of a long-distance consultation. At the meeting, Academician Zhong Nanshan first sent greetings to the Guangdong medical team supporting Jingzhou. He said that from the current data, the Hubei epidemic situation has started to turn around, and the absolute number of new cases is declining. After the Guangdong Medical Support Team arrived in Jingzhou, it played an important role in the local epidemic prevention and control work. The next step is to focus on critically ill patients. "I have always said that mankind is a community of common destiny, " Chinese President Xi Jinping wrote in a recent letter to Bill Gates, co-chairman of the Gates Foundation. Earlier, Gates had written to President Xi to express his appreciation to the Chinese government and people for their efforts in fighting the epidemic. What is the community of destiny? The occurrence of this new outbreak of pneumonia, so that people have a more profound understanding of this. The virus knows no borders, and to defeat it requires nations to work together, side by side. There's no other way. From taking the most comprehensive, rigorous and thorough measures to achieve significant results in prevention and control, to providing timely and transparent information to WHO and the regions of the countries concerned, which will buy valuable time for global epidemic prevention and control, china is doing its best to do its part, protect the lives and health of its own people and people around the world, and do its part for the cause of global public health and safety. From the heads of more than 160 countries and international organizations sending telegrams of support to China, to the governments of more than 30 countries and many international organizations providing epidemic prevention and control medical materials, to the donations of foreign enterprises in China, the international community is taking concrete actions to demonstrate its shared responsibility.Where you can get the degree: University of Connecticut

Job prospects: Advertising, public relations, journalism, mass media (management, performance, production and marketing), teaching, library and museum work

Example courses: General Zoology, Introduction to Wildlife Conservation & Administration, Wildlife Policy, Mammalogy, Animal Energetics, Principles of Wildlife Diseases, Conservation Biology

Job prospects: You guessed it – an auctioneer

10. Diving Business and Technology

Example courses: Rock Climbing Fundamentals, Canoe Paddling Fundamentals, Wilderness Expedition and Whitewater Kayaking

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  At present, the daily number of newly confirmed cases in mainland China except Hubei dropped from the peak of 890 cases to 18 cases on February 22, with a downward trend. Compared with the H1N1 influenza outbreak that originated in the United States more than a decade ago, the global spread of the new coronavirus is only one-tenth of that, and the number of confirmed cases outside China accounts for only about 1 per cent of the total. This is the result of the hard work of the Chinese people and the unity and cooperation of all countries. If there is one lesson to be learned from this epidemic as it tests humanity, it is a renewed appreciation of solidarity, of destiny and shared ideals. This is particularly important in today's uncertain world, as it will enable countries to find new points of cooperation in the common fight against the epidemic, adding protection and certainty to their own development and that of the world. For example, a Joint World Health Organization team of experts is in China, working with its Chinese counterparts, to find answers to unknown areas of the new coronavirus epidemic. This will obviously help improve the global prevention and control mechanism of major epidemics, improve the global public health emergency management system, better guard against the arrival of "Black Swan" or "Gray Rhino" . For example, at the recent china-asean special foreign ministers'meeting on the issue of new crown pneumonia, the ten ASEAN foreign ministers joined hands with State Councilor of the People's Republic of China Wang Yi to cheer for Wuhan and Cheer for China, cheering for ASEAN. This heartwarming moment reflects the valuable support of the countries in the region for China's fight against the epidemic. The four-point Cooperation Initiative put forward by Foreign Minister Wang has been unanimously endorsed by the ASEAN foreign ministers. This will not only push ASEAN countries and China to work together to improve regional public health and security capabilities, but also make the bilateral relationship better after being tested. For example, after learning that the new Japanese coronavirus nucleic acid test kit is insufficient, China recently donated a batch of emergency virus kits to Japan. This friendly gesture of returning a favor to Li once again reflects the friendship of "mountains and rivers in different places, wind and moon in the same sky" . It will help sino-japanese cooperation overcome the epidemic at an early date and also provide a boost to the promotion of bilateral relations. Recently, the Shanghai Institute of International Studies released a report titled "China's Fight Against the new pneumonia epidemic: Armageddon, " which pointed out that, "In a global emergency, the well-being of the international community requires international solidarity and coordination, not extreme rhetoric and over-reaction. "

19. Metalsmithing/Blacksmithing

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Where you can get the degree: Stetson University


Where you can get the degree: Kansas State University

27. Race Track Industry

4. Bagpiping

Example courses: Popular Music Performance, Songwriting, Computer Assisted Recording and Editing, and Music History

5. Bakery Science

Job prospects: Careers in academia and museum work, independent artist

14. Family Enterprise

Where you can get the degree: Penn State

23. Pop Music